About Rooster 6 Actual

Breeder and defender of America’s pioneer chicken, the Dominique.

I have some experience with survival skills and just making do with what is at hand. I have raised chickens in the wild and in the yard and pasture. From that experience and others I have gained some knowledge of nature and how things work. It is my hope to help in the preservation of the American Heritage of provident and independent living. A cornerstone is to be somewhat self sufficient when it comes to clothing, food and shelter. The Dominique is a uniquely American Chicken in that respect. You can find a short history of the breed’s beginnings and current status here at Nantahala Farm and Garden: http://www.nantahala-farm.com/chicken-dominique-american-history1-s.shtml

My Online Bio is located here on Gravatar: http://en.gravatar.com/ddbarton48


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